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Amazingly short processing with high density radicals

Generates around 18 times* the highly reactive radical particles (reactive types).
You can treat surfaces in a short time.
*Compared to our previous model

The scan speed to make the contact angle 10 degrees or less with one plasma pass for glass with approximately a 50 degree contact angle before plasma exposure.

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10 mm exposure distance support

Because an exposure gap of 10 mm is possible with the new nozzle, objects separated 10 mm and uneven objects can be exposed to the plasma.

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Low temperature processing support

Organic contamination can be eliminated and the surfaces of even heat-sensitive materials such as rubber and resin can be reformed without adversely affecting their surfaces.

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Improve adhesive strength

The adhesive strength of strengthened glass fiber plastics PP-GF and PPS-GF is much better than when using primer and sanding.

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■ Product specification
Model FPE 20
Nozzle shape and size Gap nozzle Effective processing width 20mm
Exposure distance 10mm
Gas used N2 (L/min) 30
Air (L/min) 20
Power supply (V) AC200(50Hz) / AC200(60Hz)
Electricity consumption (W) 1550
Dimensions Head (mm) W89 x H198 x D148
Controller (mm) W465 x H1220 x D475
Weight Head (kg) 1.5
Controller (kg) 112